This page is for businesses or organizations with handicap, disabled or senior citizens at their facility

Do You Want To Outsource Your Facilities Accessibility Needs To Save Time, Eliminate The Hassle And Reduce Your Liability?

We specialize in ADA, handicap and senior accessibility. With advanced systems and processes, we get your project done quickly and completed properly!

You also get a dedicated contact person that's always available via phone and email.

Here are some reasons other facilities have chosen us for their ADA, handicap and senior accessibility needs:

  • Reduce your liability by hiring specialized professionals
  •  Eliminate the hassle of doing it in-house
  • ​Competitive pricing to keep your expenses down
  • ​Peace of mind that the job is done correctly
  • Work with professional licensed contractors
  • Discounts for multi-room facilities
hospital bathroom with white grab bars
ada, handicap and senior accessibility guarantee

We stand by our work and offer a 1yr guarantee for our workmanship and products.

If you are a business and you found us via the web, we provide a 10% discount because our marketing costs are reduced. We pass the savings on to you and it's our way of saying thank you for finding us!

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Don't deal with the hassle, time expenditure and liability of doing it yourselves.

Hire a specialized professional like Arizona Senior Access to save time, along with reducing the hassle and liability of doing the work in-house.

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